The Urban Panorama Project is testing methods to assess urban change by introducing two novel elements in the craft of
transVRSe is a VR camera control library that is currently available as a prototype stage interactive development plugin on the
The Tangible Interactive Table for Archaeology (TITA): The Weapons Frieze of Trajan's Forum, created by a NCSU Visual Narrative team
SpaceCraft: Solar Explorer is a interactive museum installation, which allows visitors to digitally build rockets on a tabletop, using tangible
“Story-Go-Round” is a physical development platform for producing augmented digital experiences, designed as an classroom or studio assignment to tell
In the last two decades, historians have increasingly employed GIS to understand urban and spatial change. However, GIS approaches landscapes
This project will study changes in the landscape in the Federal District (DF) of Brazil. The Brazilian government created its
We are building an end-to-end narrative reporting system to parse, analyze, and generate multimodal narrative reports from communication datasets. Primarily,
This project investigated the spatial and environmental history of the establishment of the Iguazú National Park in Argentina and the
Beam Bounce is part of an ongoing project, a collaboration between the Museum of Life + Science (MLS)(Durham, NC, USA)