2020 Games and Visual Narrative Showcase

Join us for our annual games and interactive media showcase featuring select games from some of the courses in the Computer Science Game Development Concentration. Although we are used to having an audience interact with our students and experience their games first-hand, this year’s event will be held exclusively online and streamed live.


We thank our generous sponsors: LabCorp, RedStorm and Relative Studio

and partners: UNC School of the Arts, NCSU College of Design

Featured Games:

From Advanced Game Projects (Senior Capstone)

CSC 482

This class is a required senior capstone project class for all students in CSC enrolled in the Game Development Concentration. Students work in teams with varied numbers of students over the semester to develop original games. Over the past couple of years, we have had game industry partners involved in critiquing these projects several times during the semester.

Scrapyard Scavengers

Scrapyard Scavengers is a first-person, co-op shooter game where players must gather as many resources as they can in a post-apocalyptic scrapyard while surviving against a horde of enemy mutants. The players must also defend their extraction vehicle so that they can return back to base safely. In their base, they can craft new items and weapons, equip them, and unlock skills that will aid them in excavating and exploring more of the scrapyard.
Seafloor ShowdownIn Seafloor Showdown, you challenge your friends in an underwater arena to see who is the best Submarine pilot. Each player controls a submarine capable of extending a long net behind it, which can be used to encircle schools of fish. Catching fish will earn the player points, and the player with the most points wins! Treasure can also be found and collected, and used in between rounds to purchase upgrades for your submarine. But beware! Your opponents can interfere with your plans by cutting your net or using power-ups against you. Catching too many fish may also catch the attention of a deadly shark lurking nearby… Trailer
Shadow’s BountyShadow’s Bounty is a competitive action stealth game with some strategic resource management elements. The game takes place over 2 rounds on two distinct maps. They must use the items they can buy and their movement abilities to avoid guards and collect as much treasure as possible in the time they have. Trailer
Twisted FeathersTwisted Feathers is a turn-based tactical RPG, with an innovative progression system and environmental mechanics.  You battle enemies in strategic turn-based combat encounters, using information about what your enemies will do and how the environment will react to guide your tactical decisions.  As you progress, you will be able to unlock new skills for your character, but each time you do, you also select a new ability to give to your enemy, providing multilayered strategic depth to your choices.  Take on the role of your favorite bird hero and fly towards victory! Trailer


From Visual Narrative Project Course

CSC 495/ADN 560/UNC-SA Music Composition Studio [LINK]

In this class, students from CS, Art and Design, and Music collaborate to develop 3 visual narrative projects. The first project was a themed Pachinko/Pinball machine using the Unity Game Engine. The second project consisted of developing a 3-5 minute machinima movie or an immersive VR experience with limited interaction on a historical or speculative future event. Final projects used large-scale projection mapping, novel physical hardware, or camera tracking for a full-body interaction experience.

Circadian BloomCircadian Bloom was inspired by the circadian rhythm that is embedded in flowers, plants, and ourselves. Flowers have various circadian rhythms all affecting when a flower will open and close. This virtual exhibit has a collection of bloomings with both apparent interactions and hidden surprises that will make themselves known through the exploration of the room. The visitor’s progression in the space will contribute to the overall bloom. Trailer
CirculationThis is an interactive digital exhibit that immerses visitors within an ecosystem that responds to their emotional state captured through their facial expressions. Trailer
Flores IncendiumThis is an interactive digital exhibit that utilizes 1.3M particles for rendering interactive particle systems representing flowers. Trailer
SwellSwell is an interactive digital exhibit inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. Built with Unity, the user controls a first person player through a space filled with abstract 3D objects and projected images and videos. The objects inflate and deflate based on the player’s proximity to them. The projected images and videos are either inspired by the nature of social distancing or constructed in Processing with COVID-19 data from The COVID Tracking Project. By giving the viewer control of their path through the exhibit and having objects respond to them, the experience touches on the conflicting emotions around choosing to physically distance ourselves from others. Swell was made by Najla Bulous, Tim Creasman, Katie Rant, Omar Samara, and Nick Teeter. This project is a collaboration between NC State’s CSC 495: Special Topics in Visual Narrative and ADN 560:Visual Narrative Studio classes, and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Trailer
Vulci Tour Trailer
Nature Prevails Trailer
Pachinko/Pinball madnessThis is the first assignment in the joint Computer Science and Art & Design Visual Narrative Studio. Students get familiar with development tools and content pipeline. Trailer
Machinima ProjectsThis is the second assignment in the joint Computer Science and Art & Design Visual Narrative Studio class. Jointly conducted with the UNC-School of the Arts Music Composition studio. Students developed short movie clips in Unity while going through the process of ideation, storyboarding, wireframing, blocking, cinematography, and editing. Here are some glimpses of selected projects. LINK


From Foundations of Interactive Games

CSC 281

This is a sophomore-level class open to students of all backgrounds across campus and has enrollments in the range of 120-125 students, and serves as the introductory course in the CSC Game Development Concentration. Students develop two game projects both individually and in teams of 2-4 during the semester. The first project is a text-based narrative using Twine as the authoring tool. The second project is a visual interactive game using a 2D or 3D game engine of their choice. Both projects are constrained to relate to a class theme, and students are encouraged to be creative about this connection. This semester’s theme for the projects was “Out of This World”.

A Trip to the Other Side of the Universe Trailer
Botany But in Space Trailer
Eternity’s Promise Trailer
Grim Outlook Trailer
Tim’s Tiny Adventure Trailer



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