These are some of the courses taught by the Visual Narrative faculty. You can also search via the NC State course catalog.

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Digital Humanities student projects from VN courses (examples)

ADN 560/CSC 495/HI 534: Visual Narrative Project Course

This is a multidisciplinary course that co-locates students enrolled in potentially three courses : ADN 560 (Art& Design), CSC 495 (Computer Science) and HI 534 (History).  The exact combination of courses depends on the semester.  The focus is on building projects teams which tackle complex computational-media-based visual narrative projects. For example, previous iterations of the course have pursued. History Projects in VR, Interactive Media Projects for Science Museums, and a number of other themes. Visit the gallery for example projects.
Instructor: Varies

HI 434/534: Theory and Practice of Digital History

Introduces students to the theory and practice of digital history. Students will examine theoretical scholarship on digital practices in history, learning how to acquire, edit, process, analyze, and present humanistic data. Students will critique examples of digital history including digital archives, exhibits, scholarship, and teaching resources, and then apply conceptual knowledge in the creation of their own digital history projects. The course is geared to students without prior knowledge of coding. Credit will not be given for both HI 434 and HI 534.
Instructor: Frederico Freitas

HI 535: Spatial History

Introduces students to the methods, problems, and questions of spatial history. Students will examine major works in spatial history and historical geography, and develop their own projects utilizing the tools of historical GIS. Students will engage in theoretical discussions about the role of space in history and, at the same time, will acquire the skills for collecting, managing, and analyzing historical spatial data. The course is geared to students without prior knowledge of GIS. Graduate standing or PBS status.
Instructor: Frederico Freitas

ADN 492/561: Narrative and Art-Making Using Digital Interfaces

A project-based course for storytellers and artists. Students will gain a familiarity with the repertoire, history, theory and practice, of artists, designers and storytellers involved in the realms of interactive art-making, and computational and game design. Students will develop an understanding of the underlying concepts, techniques and technologies of computational and digital systems and their role in art and narrative practice.  Through a series of project-based exercises, students will study the means by which designers conceive, represent and propose digital artifacts and interactive experiences. The course will include
Instructor: Todd Berreth